Welcome to Author Study Unit Wiki

One of the Major Units of Study that the 6th graders do in English is their Author Study Unit. In this unit the students choose an author, read two or more books by the author, read a biography or autobiography about the author, research the author using the library databases and websites. The students then go on to complete a research paper on their author.

In this wiki you will find examples of the students' works. Click on the Directory on the left to get to the different examples.

You can:

  • View the Glogs the students created.

  • See pictures of the 3D timelines with QRcodes that they completed and are on display in the library. The pictures do not do these amazing creations justice. You must see them!

  • Watch their Animoto videos.

  • See all of the Rubrics and Directions we gave the students along with the Author Pyramid.

  • Read the Expository Author Essays and see the peer/self checklists and rubric.

  • View the Fakebooks.

  • Listen to the Vokis.